Monday, August 26, 2013

Hey Song Sarsaparilla

I found Hey Song Sarsaparilla at T&T Market the other day while perusing the aisles there.   I was excited as this was another from overseas, Taiwan to be exact.   Anyways, B liked this one more than me.  I guess again it is one of those that has more a spice flavor to it.  It does contain high fructose corn syrup as it's sweetener, but I didn't enjoy this one at all.  In fact, I poured most of it out after giving half the can a try.

Burp Rating:  1 / 10


  1. Hi! This kind of a random question; i found this blog while looking for places buy Sarsaparilla in Toronto. I see you're in Ottawa, so you may not be able to help, but would you have any idea where to buy Sarsaparilla in Toronto, other than this Hey Song at T&T? Thanks!

    1. Are you looking for strictly Sarsaparilla ? meaning only made with sarsaparilla root? or are you open to other root beer? subtle difference I find, but I know there are those who strict about the differentiation. I don't know Toronto, but have some friends there that I have yet to reach out to for my quest in these sodas ;)