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A's Root Beer Tally

[0-9] :

55 Brand Root Beer  (Review)
7-11 Root Beer  (Review)

[A] : 

Abita Root Beer (Review)
Adirondack Root Beer  (Review)
AJ Stephans Butterscotch Root Beer  (Review)
AJ Stephans Root Beer (Review)
Americana Root Beer  (Review)

Anchor Ginger Root Beer (Review)
Appalachian Root Beer (Review)
Avery's Root Beer  (Review)
A&W Root Beer   (Review)

[B] : 


Babbling Brooke's Root Beer (Review)
Baco Pop! Root Beer (Review)
Barons Boothill Sassparilla  (Review)
Barq's Root Beer  (Review)
Barrel Bros Vanilla Root Beer (Review)
Bawls Guarana Root Beer   (Review)
Beaver Soda Root Beer  (Review)
Bedford's Root Beer  (Review)

Begley's and Bill's Root Beer (Review)
Berghoff Root Beer (Review)
Best Health's Authentic Fountain Style Root Beer  (Review)
Big 8 Root Beer  (Review)

Big Bens Root Beer  (Review)
Big K Root Beer (Review)

Black Bear Root Beer (Review)
Black Sheep Root Beer (Review)
Blue Sky Root Beer  (Review)

Boots Sarsaparilla Root Beer  (Review)
Boston Tower Root Beer  (Review)
Boylan's Root Beer  (Review
Brew Kettle Root Beer (Review)
Brewski Root Beer (Review)
Brownie Caramel Cream Root Beer  (Review)

Briar's Root Beer (Review)
Bronx Pop Root Beer (Review)
Bulldog Root Beer  (Review)
Bundaberg Australian Root Beer  (Review)

[C] :

Caamano Bros. High Noon Sarsaparilla  (Review)
Cannonball Root Beer (Review)
Capone Family Secret Root Beer  (Review)
Captain Eli's Root Beer  (Review)
Capt. Electro's Intergalactic Root Beer (Review)
Cariboo Root Beer (Review)

Cheers Root Beer (Review)
Cherry Root Bear (Review
Chicago Root Beer (Review)
Cicero Beverage Co. Salted Caramel Root Beer (Review)
Columbia Soda Works Sarsaparilla Soda  (Review)
Cool Mountain Root Beer  (Review)
Cooper’s Cave Root Beer (Review)
Couche-Tard Favorites Root Beer (Review)
Crater Lake Root Beer (Review)
Crim City Soda Renegade Root Beer (Review)
Crooked Oak Root Beer  (Review)
Cubby Bear Root Beer (Review)

[D] : 

Dachshunds Old Fashioned Root Beer  (Review)
Dad-Gum-It! Butterscotch Root Beer (Review)
Dad's Root Beer  (Review)
Dang! That's Good Root Beer (Review)
Dang! That's Good Butterscotch Root Beer (Review)
Deadworld Slow Decay Vanilla Root Beer  (Review)
Death Valley Root Beer (Review)
Dog N Suds Root Beer (Review)
Dominion Root Beer  (Review)
Dougie Dog Root Beer  (Review)
Dr. Browns Root Beer  (Review)

Dr. McGillicuddy's Old Fashioned Root Beer (Review)
Dublin Texas Root Beer  (Review)
Duffy's Rowdy Root Beer  (Review)
Duthers Black Cow Vanilla Creme Root Beer  (Review)

[E] :  

Earp's Original Sarsaparilla  (Review)
Espresso Root Beer (Review)

[F] : 

Farmer's Brew Butterscotch Root Beer  (Review)
Faygo Root Beer  (Review)
Fest Pecan Root Beer (Review)
Filberts Draft Root Beer  (Review)
Firemans Brew Root Beer (Review)
Fitz's Root Beer (Review)
Fizzy Izzy Root Beer (Review)
Flashback Root Beer   (Review)
Flavor 8 Root Beer (Review)
Foxon Park Draft Style Root Beer (Review)
Frankie's Genuine Root Bier (Review)
Frostie Root Beer  (Review)

Frostie Vanilla Root Beer (Review)
Frostop Premium Root Beer  (Review)

[G] :

Gale's Root Beer (Review)
Gene Autry Root Beer  (Review)
Ginseng UP Root Beer (Review)
Glacier Brewing Company Root Beer  (Review)
Grand Teton Brewing Company Root Beer (Review)
Grays Gourmet Root Beer (Review)
Grizzly Paw Root Beer (Review)
GuS Dry Root Beer (Review)
Gus's Burrow Brew Root Beer (Review)

[H] : 
Hank's Root beer  (Review)
Hansen's Signature Sarsaparilla Soda  (Review)

Harmony Springs Root Beer (Review)
Harvey and Vern's Root Beer (Review)
Henry Weinhardt's Draught Style Root Beer  (Review)
Hey Song Sarsaparilla  (Review)

Hippo Size Beverages Jumbo Root Beer  (Review)

Hires Root Beer  (Review)
Homer Soda's Maple Syrup Root Beer  (Review)
Hosmer Mountain Sarsaparilla Root Beer  (Review)
Hosmer Mountain Root Beer (Review)
Hummingbird Hill Birch Root Beer  (Review)
Hummingbird Hill Root Beer (Review)

[I] : 
IBC Root Beer  (Review)
Iron Horse Root Beer (Review)
Ithaca Root Beer (Review)

[J] : 

Jack Black's Dead Red Root Beer (Review)
Jackson Hole Soda Co. Buckin' Root Beer (Review)
Jackson Hole Soda Co. Snake River Sarsaparilla 
J.J. Stewart Root Beer  (Review
Joe's Root Beer (Review)
Johnnie Ryan Root Beer (Review)
Jones' Soda Root Beer  (Review)

Judge Wapner Root Beer (Review)
Junior Johnson Original Root Beer  (Review)

[K] : 

Kickapoo Rail Trail Root Beer  (Review)
Krisda Natural Soda Root Beer  (Review)
Kutztown Root Beer (Review)

[L] :

Lehmans Old Fashioned Root Beer (Review)
Levis Root Beer (Review)
Lil Brewster Root Beer  (Review)
Lion Brewery Root Beer  (Review)
L.L. Cote Root Beer  (Review)

[M] : 

Maine Root Handcrafted Root beer  (Review)
Maine Root Sarsaparilla (Review)
Manhattan Special Sarsaparilla  (Review)
Marco Beverages Root Beer
Margo's Bark Root Beer (Review)
Mason's Root Beer (Review)
Mercury Brewing Company Root Beer Soda Pop (Review)
Michael's Dolce Root Beer Syrup (Review)
Mill St. Brewery Root Beer   (Review)

Mom's Root Beer (Review)
Moosejaw Root Beer (Review)
Mug Root Beer  (Review)

Myers Avenue Red Root Beer (Review)

[N] : 
Nice! Root Beer  (Review)
Norka Sparkling Beverages Root Beer  (Review)

[O] : 

O-So Butterscotch Root Beer  (Review)
Old Red Eye Root Beer  (Review)
Old Soaker Root Beer  (Review)
Old Town Root Beer Company Sarsaparilla ( Review)
Old Town Route 66 Root Beer  (Review)

Old Towne Root Beer (Review)
Olde Brooklyn Root Beer (Review)
Olde Philadelphia Root Beer (Review)

Olde Rhode Island Molasses  (Review)
Oogave Root Beer (Review)
Otto's Root Beer  (Review)
Overwaitea Old Fashioned Root Beer  (Review)
Ozark Mountain Root Beer (Review)

[P] : 

Pallino Root Beer  (Review)
Pappy's Root Beer  (Review)
Pic-A-Pop Root Beer
Pithy Little Soda Works Root Beer  (Review)
Pizza Vinoteca Root Beer  (Review)
Point Premium Root Beer (Review)
Polar Root Beer  (Review)
Pop Shoppe Root Beer (Review)

Propeller Root Beer (Review)
Pure Sodaworks Root Beer (Review)

[R] : 

Ramblin' Root Beer (Review)
Rat Bastard Root Beer  (Review)
Reading Draft Root Beer  (Review)
Real Brew Draft Root Beer  (Review)
Red Arrow Root Beer  (Review)

Red Barrel Root Beer (Review)
Red Jammer Root Beer  (Review)

River City Root Beer (Review)
Robusto Root Beer (Review)
Rock Island Brewing Company Root Beer  (Review)
Rock Island Brewing Company Pumpkin Spiced Root Beer  (Review)
Rocket Fizz Root Beer Float (Review)
Rocky Mountain Root Beer (Review)
Rollie's Premium Style Root Beer (Review)
Root Beer (by Cott)  (Review)

Roots Root Beer (Review)
Roundy's Root Beer (Review)
Route Beer 66 (Review)

[S] : 

Saint Arnold Root Beer  (Review)
Sammi Rae Root Beer  (Review)
Santa Cruz Organic Root Beer  (Review)
Saranac Root Beer  (Review)
Sarsi  (Review

Sea Dog Root Beer (Review)
Seymour Beverage Root Beer (Review)
Silver Creek Blonde Root Beer (Review)
Simpson Spring Root Beer
Sioux City Root Beer (Sioux City Root Beer)  (Review)
Sioux City Sarsaparilla  (Review)
Sno-Cap Root Beer (Review)
So Duh! Root Beer (Review)
Soda Folk Root Beer (Review)
Sparky's Fresh Draft Root Beer (Review)
Sprecher Honey Root Beer (Review)
Sprecher Root Beer  (Review)
Spring Grove Root Beer (Review)
Spring Lake Root Beer (Review)
Squamscot Root Beer  (Review)
St. John Brewers Root Beer (Review)
Steelhead Root Beer  (Review)
Stewart's Root Beer  (Review)
Stewart's Shops Root Beer  (Review)

Stone Cellar Root Beer (Review
Summit Vintage Root Beer  (Review)
Surf City Centennial Root Beer (Review)
Swamp Pop Filé Root Beer  (Review)
Sweetwaters Bison Brew Root Beer  (Review)

[T] : 

Teddy's Root Beer  (Review)
Tem's Root Beer (Review)
The People's Crafthouse Root Beer  (Review)
The Three Stooges Wise Guy Root Beer  (Review)
Thomas Kemper Root Beer  (Review)

Tito's Old Fashioned Root Beer  (Review)
Tommyknocker Original Root Beer (Review)
Towne Club Root Beer (Review)
Triple XXX Root Beer  (Review)
Twig's Root Beer  (Review)
Twisted Root Root Beer  (Review)
Tyler The Kid Sarsaparilla  (Review)

[U] :

Uncle Scott's All Natural Root Beer (Review)

[V] : 

Vess Root Beer 

Virgil's Root Beer  (Review)
Virgil's Special Edition Bavarian Nutmeg Root Beer  (Review)
Virgil's Zero Root Beer  (Review)

[W] :

Waialua Root Beer  (Review)
WBC Chicago Style Root Beer  (Review)
Weber's Root Beer (Review
Whistler Classic Soda Root Beer (Review)

[Y] :

Yacht Club Root Beer  (Review)

[Z] : 

Zeb's Ole Tyme Root Beer (Review)
Zuberfizz Creamy Root Beer (Review)

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