Monday, August 18, 2014

Propeller Root Beer

My good friend and co-worker, DM, brought me this root beer via his parents who recently made a trip out to eastern Canada.   This brew is crafted by Propeller Brewing Company in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

It took a couple of bottles for me to make a decision on how to rate this brew.  After the first bottle, I thought that it was an "ok" root beer that didn't pack a lot of punch nor did it have much finesse in the flavouring; however, after recently drinking a second bottle,  I found myself thoroughly enjoying it with some pizza.  That made me think.. Depending on what you pair this with, you might get that balance that makes a whole meal complete.  On it's own, I think it's weak.  

Burp Rating:  8 / 10 (just pair it well)

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