Saturday, October 4, 2014

Cherry Root Bear

Cherry Root Bear was sent to me this past summer by my root beer pal, Brad.  It's a creation by Cherry Republic in northern Michigan.

My bear pals were all over this one.  Cherries, a bear theme and from northern Michigan (one location in Traverse City where the Detroit Red Wings hold camp)? They couldn't resist.  Boom Chugga Lugga!! 

When I poured this one into my mug, the head dissipated immediately. :(  The cherry flavour was there indeed. Perhaps a bit too sweet?  

My thoughts were to give it a 6 maybe 7 initially; however, as I continued drinking it, I realized that I was mostly enjoying it and was not turned off by it at all.  

Burp Rating:  8.5 / 10

Bear Paw Rating:   5 / 5 paws  (biased!)  <-- bear pals rating

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