Friday, November 21, 2014

Margo's Bark Root Beer

Margo's Bark.  A brew created by Margo's Bark Soda Company in Los Angeles, CA.  It's another find by my friend and colleague, ML, on his last trip to Denver, CO.  

This brew is really special.  When I read the label, it really touched my heart  "All proceeds go to help shelter dogs!". Margo was a rescued dog and her new family created this brew to help other dogs like Margo. The story is great and you can read it here.

The brew has a decent head.  Molasses, cassia, nutmeg, clove, wintergreen and yucca extract are the prime ingredients.  It is very well balanced with the pure cane sugar.  I did find a bit of an aftertaste though.  Almost perfect..

Burp Rating:  9.5 / 10

I should mention, the bottle cap. It's pretty cute.  "Woof" on the top of the cap.  "Meow" underneath :)

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