Saturday, November 29, 2014

St. John Brewers Root Beer

My root beer pal Brad from Ohio sent me this brew many months back.  I waited and waited for a special day to crack it open.  I figured that hey, in honor of my friend in the USA who sent this to me and being so thankful for it, I waited for American Thanksgiving.

St. John Brewers Root Beer is brewed in the U.S. Virgin Islands by St. John Brewers.   This brew is amazing.  The head on it was large and intense. The flavors are captivating and spicy which gives it so much depth and kick.  Anise, wintergreen, vanilla are the highlights.  I didn't want this bottle to end and when it was ---  Thank you so much my friend Brad. I dont' know if I can repay you for this one.

Burp Rating: 10 / 10
( more like 11 / 10 )

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