Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tommyknocker Root Beer

Tommyknocker is brewed by Tommyknocker Brewery in Idaho Springs, Colorado.  This brew was brought to me by my friend and colleague, ML, who found it on his summer holidays in Denver.  

I was excited to try this one.  It is made with pure maple syrup!  Being Canadian, the maple always catches my eye.  Tommyknocker has a real nice head to it and it actually does a good job to stick around for you throughout the whole experience.  It has a decent kick and initially I found it well balanced, until the end, when the maple syrup takes over.  Maybe a bit too much of the maple (can't believe I just said that).  Regardless, I still thoroughly enjoyed this one.  Not quite perfect, but it definitely ranks high.

Burp Rating:  9 / 10

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