Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Judge Wapner Root Beer

My friend and colleague, DM, helped get Judge Wapner Root Beer to me.  I ordered this one from the helpful and friendly folks at Soda Pop Central in Whitby, ON.  Judge Wapner is brought to you by Danny Ginsburg (The Soda Sommelier) and his fine folks at Real Soda in Gardena, CA.

The head on this one was small and dissipated quite fast.   It is sweetened with pure cane sugar.  It has a decent bite and the flavor profile I found is similar to Jack Black's Dead Red Root Beer.  Danny and his folks are doing a great job with their root beers!  This one is perhaps a bit too heavy on the sugar as I found it a bit too sweet to warrant a perfect score.

Burp Rating: 8 / 10 

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