Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sammi Rae Root Beer

I picked up Sammi Rae Root Beer last September when I was in Detroit, MI.  My friend Brad told me about this one and I had to try to find it.   I found it at a deli/cafe called Mudgies in Detroit.  Sammi Rae Root Beer is brewed by The Schmohz Brewing Company in Grand Rapids, MI (home of the Griffins!!)  

This microbrew is a special one.  It was created to help families that are suffering with the possible loss of a family member. Portions of the proceeds of sales of this root beer are donated to Sammi Rae of Hope.   The head on this brew is small but tries to stick around.  The aroma is nice and the flavor is also quite balanced.  It is sweetened with sugar and maybe it cold use just a little less of it.  I enjoyed it thoroughly though.

Burp Rating:  9 / 10

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