Saturday, December 26, 2015

Tem's Root Beer

My good friend, DP, from Germany surprised me and brought this root beer to me on his recent visit to Canada.  A German root beer? Very cool!  Tem's Root Beer is made by the folks at Temetum in Biebertal, Germany.   According to Temetum, it is "Powered by Mother Earth" - a natural root beer perhaps? I didn't do too much research as the can is all in German :).  Also, "aber kein bier!" :D  I waited for the Christmas holidays to try this special brew.

When you first crack it open, you are welcomed with a very rooty aroma. It smelled great!  I then poured it into one of my root beer mugs to judge the head.  There was a small head to it but it dissipated quite quickly.  The bite on this brew is quite strong and I was really surprised how the bite and the sweetness were very well balanced.  I think licorice root may be one of the dominant flavors in this brew and I also believe it may be a bit too overpowering.  I'm very impressed with this root beer and I want to thank my good friend, DP, very much for bringing this one to me from across the pond.

Rating: 8 / 10

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