Canadian Root Beers!

I wanted to create a special page for Canadian brewed root beers that I have found and sampled throughout my root beer journey.  There aren't as many Canadian brews as there are in the USA but I appreciate all you canucks that are creating my favorite drink.  Not all of these are bottled (which is a shame) but they belong here nonetheless.   Want to be on this list?  Contact me

55 Brand Root Beer  (Review)
Babbling Brooke's Root Beer (Review)
Beaver Soda Root Beer  (Review)
Big 8 Root Beer  (Review)
Brewski Root Beer (Review)
Cannonball Root Beer (Review) 
Capt. Electro's Intergalactic Root Beer (Review)
Cariboo Root Beer (Review)

Couche-Tard Favorites Root Beer (Review)
Crim City Soda Renegade Root Beer (Review)
Dougie Dog Root Beer  (Review)
Grizzly Paw Root Beer (Review
Gus's Burrow Brew Root Beer
Harvey and Vern's Root Beer (Review)
J.J. Stewart Root Beer  (Review
Krisda Natural Soda Root Beer  (Review)
Michael's Dolce Root Beer Syrup (Review)
Mill St. Brewery Root Beer   (Review)
Pappy's Root Beer  (Review)
Pic-A-Pop Root Beer
Pop Shoppe Root Beer (Review)
Propeller Root Beer (Review
The People's Crafthouse Root Beer  (Review)

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